Top 10 Things I Love About Our New House

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

1) It's a good financial investment. To be honest, I just like that I can decorate and "nest", but RJ has taught me (and I've read 2 books at his request) that buying a home is good for our financial future.

2) I can finally get a dog! I've been wanting a puppy for a long time but in the last 7 years I haven't lived in a dog friendly place. Although they aren't the most practical canines we want a pug. We have asthma; pugs snort and have difficult breathing; it's a perfect fit.

3) Corner lot. Lots of space for fun plants and outside parties.

4) The little red barn. There is a little red barn in the backyard where I can send RJ to go do man stuff. Finally he won't be waxing surfboards or tying fly line in my living room.

5. Our neighbors. In three days, we've had a neighbor close an window that we accidentally left open, another neighbor left us a bag of avocados and shared her water when ours wasn't yet turned on, and a young couple down the street brought a plate of breakfast muffins over. I love the 1950s style of our neighborhood.

6. Guest Room!! THE FUTON (which has slept many a good friend) is still around, but now we have an actual Guest Room with an actual Guest Bed. Friends and parents no longer have to sleep in our living room and listen to the loud fridge grumble.

7. The house comes with a driveway. I no longer have to wash my car in the middle of the street.

8. "New furniture". Now that we have a house payment my budget has tightened significantly, but I'm loving Craigs List. It's so fun to find cool furniture and actually have a place to put it.

9. Dishwasher and Garbage Disposal. I don't have them yet but I'm putting them in asap.

10. Feeling Blessed. A house is a just four walls with a roof. Four walls that the Lord could take away at any moment. BUT I know, that, for now, the Lord has specifically chose this house for RJ and I. He took away a few others before hand-picking the blue one with roses just for us. It is seriously exactly the home we've been praying about for more than two years. And I'm glad the Lord made us wait. It was super frustrating about 6 months ago but once again He has reminded me that His timing is perfect, His plan is perfect, and He fully alive in all aspects of our lives. I pray that we create a home and glorifies Him!


Unknown said...

Congratulations home owners! Great perspective on realestate ownership, it all belongs to the Lord. He gives and takes away, just enjoy what He gives you while you have it. We have felt this way and have been blessed to be in our home for almost two years now. We are so happy for you guys! Enjoy each and every nesting moment!
Brian and Joelle

Ryan and Camille said...

Ana! Love the pics!! I miss seeing you two as well. Hopefully we will make it down there soon, we'll have to chat about dates. Also, there is a TON of furniture on Craigs list here in SLO right now, since Poly is out (probably SB too). We could probably help out if you found something you liked here. I am especially excited for your possible puppy...Finally! After all these years of looking at that pic in your bathroom of you two and the pug, it is a little closer to reality. Congratulations, I am really excited for you both.

The Harper Family said...

Congrats...being homeowners is a big deal! What kind of puppy are you going to get? How is the rest of your life going? We're coming to LA next week and driving up to SLO for a couple days maybe we could check out your new house on our way and you could meet Dani?

Eli, Mandy & Ava Stewart said...

cool! ditto on "brian's" comment, it's all the Lords...but so rad he's entrusted it to you! Girl, i have wall-paper home....slowly but surely i'll get every last bit of it off! Cool tip.... a good friend of us is a drywaller and plaster dude in CO, and said you can paint oil based primer right over the wall paper, then texture, then paint and avoid all the steaming off of the wallpaper..not sure if you 've had the privlidge of stripping wallpaper, let me tell you, you arent missin' a thing! Email me if you have more ?'s :

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