Spring Update

Thursday, April 10, 2008

RJ and I have had a really busy but totally fun Spring season thus far. Starting with Tim and Debra's wedding and meeting new friends from Alaska nearly four weeks ago. Both those events deserve posts of their own, so I'll skip forward to the last few weeks.

Easter weekend my parents flew down to visit and April dove in from SLO. It was nice to have my family all together and I'm happy to report that everyone got along and shared nicely the entire time. (Except for Friday night when April was cranky and RJ decided to pull an RJ-ism and push all her buttons just to see how she would react. Oh, and Saturday morning when RJ and April got into a heated discussion about senior projects resulting in April needed a long walk outside. Still...they're both still living and I think they hugged when April left. That's what you get when you marry a man who has a similar temperament to your sister!)

A shout out to Mom and Dad who are celebrating 32 years of marriage today!

Dad and I at the Santa Barbara Mission. Note for future reference: it is best not to try and tour an active Catholic mission on Good Friday.

The ladies playing a rousing game of Bocce ball in the front yard.

The weekend after Easter RJ and I had plans to camp in Malibu for one night with our buddies Dallas and Meg. Kelly, being the most awesome friend ever, decided to drive to Ventura from Bako for just one evening together since it has been awhile.

Meg had never been camping before (I know - is she American?!). It was such fun watching her get super excited about every detail; and fantastic since she enthusiastically but together the tent, blew up the sleeping pads, unpacked the cookware, etc.

The advantage of camping in Malibu is not only the great weather, terrific surf, and sandy beaches; but you can wake up, kill the morning campfire and be shopping in Santa Monica within the hour.

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