LA Marathon

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Most of my friends have asked me "why?"

My husband shakes his head and asks "why?"

Most importantly my body really yearns to know "why?".

And truthfully, I don't have much of an answer.

Expect I want to face the challenge, I need the motivation to get me out out of the office and off my butt, and I love the feeling at the finish. After a year and a half of rest I've decided to lace those shoes back up and begin training again.

LA Marathon here I come!

The pain starts around 5:30am on March 2nd and will subside, hopefully, about 4 hours later. (I'm hoping to improve my SF Marathon time.)

I need to make a public declaration of my intentions to run, or I will be tempted to back-out. 26.2 miles is grueling....but for some explainable reason I keep coming back.


Jenny Schlenker said...

I hear ya honey. I ran ran my last 20 mile training run last week and I am ready for training to be over! I ask myself Why and my body at times asks Why... the 2nd go round for this marathon seems tougher....I will let you know Oct 14 is when I run the Denver Marathon. Pray for me, I will pray for you. I need my Mind, Heart and Body to get some motivation! I have been hitting some discouragment lately ;( I love you, you are awesome!!!!!!! YOu are way ahead of the game getting ready to run in march.... you will rock it sister!

Jessica G. said...

I think its great that your going to do this!

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